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Mailing List

At KES Mail we use the latest postal technologies to process mailing lists and data to ensure the fastest possible delivery
of our customers' mail pieces at the lowest possible rates.

Data Services

  • Address Updating
  • Barcoding
  • Certified Address Standardization System (CASS)
  • Data Conversion
  • Database Management
  • Delivery Point Barcodes
  • Duplication Elimination
  • Geo-Coding
  • Merge/Purge
  • National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • PLANET Coding (Track My Mail)
  • Presorting
  • Zip + 4

Purchasing A Mailing List

The mailing list is a key component in any direct mail campaign. KES Mail can help target the right audience for our customers'
mailings by providing access to a wide selection of business, consumer, and political lists. We can help target the most appropriate
prospects to produce the best results for a successful mail campaign.

Consumer Databases

We can pull detailed lists based on the following criteria:

Age, Income, Homeowners/Renters, Home Value, Mailable Addresses, Telephone Numbers, One or All Names per Household

Actual Age, Birth Month, Estimated Income, Marital Status, Adult Gender, Children (Households with Children, Age of Children),
Homeowners/Renters, Seniors (Households with Grandparents, Households with Veterans), Ethnicity by Surname, Religion,
Language, Mortgage Information (Only Households with a Mortgage, Mortgage Type, Mortgage Interest Rate per Year), Mail Order
History (Last Purchase Date, Purchase Category), Pet Owners, Internet Users, Housing Type (Single or Multi Family, No. of Apartments,
Length of Residence), Personal Finance (Networth Ranking, Potential Investors, Number of Credit Card Accounts), Vehicle Information
(Vehicle Groups, Number of Vehicles per Household, Purchased in Model Year, Vehicle Type, Vehicle Market Value, Vehicle Make),
Mailing Address Options

New Movers

Age, Income, Gender, MFDU/ SFDU, Address Type, Phones

New Homeowners

Age, Income, Gender, Home Value, Confirmed flag, Address Type, Phones

Mortgage Amount, Loan type, Finance type, Deed date, Ethnicity

U.S. Businesses

Type of Business:
Keyword/Yellow Page Heading, SIC Code, Major Industry Group, Company Name, All Businesses

Size of Business:
Number of Employees, Sales Volume

Location Type:
Headquarters, Subsidiary, Branch. Credit Rating Scores

Job Titles, Contact Name, Fax Numbers, Website Addresses, Years in Business, Square Footage, Publicly Traded Companies,
Stock Exchange, Number of PCs.

Brand New Business

Type of Business:
Keyword/Yellow Page Heading, SIC Code, Major Industry Group, All Businesses

Records with:
Contacts, Phone Numbers

Filing Type:
DBA ,License, Corporation

Location Type:
Home, Commercial

Canadian Business

Type of Business:
Keyword, Yellow Page Heading, SIC Code, Major Industry Group, All Businesses

Size of Businesses:
Employee size, Sales Volume

Location type:
Headquarters, Sub HQ's, Branch, Other

Public Filings/Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy (7,11,12, 13), Individuals, Businesses

BK Status:
Filed, Discharged, Dismissed, Filing date

Closing Date, Date added to DB, Tax Lien Type, Lien Status, Filing Date, Closing Date, Date added to DB, Lien Amount

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