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Welcome to KES Mail, a leader in providing and delivering quality service to meet all of our customers' mailing needs.

We Do It Different

At KES Mail, we are committed to our customers, vendors, and staff. We are a dynamic team dedicated to the highest level of integrity in meeting the needs of those we serve. Joining in partnership with our team is guaranteed to be different from anything you have experienced before.

We Do It Better

We are a strong team, enthusiastically devoted to offering personalized service to each customer we service no matter the scope of the project. We do it better by consistently offering our customized one-on-one approach, which helps us to provide our customers with high levels of customer service and a strong commitment to be better every time they mail with our team.

We Do It Right

KES Mail embraces quality. With every mailing project, we work at building strong, collaborative relationships and providing excellent service. We do it right by listening to the individual needs of our customers and providing a high level of responsiveness.
Our mission is to provide the highest quality service to meet the mailing needs of all of our customers each and every day.

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KES Mail, Inc.|2930 Vail Ave.|Commerce, CA 90040-2616
Phone 310.970.8041
|877.KES.Mail| Fax 310.970.8046

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